1. How many years of warranty do you provide?

Warranty: We offer three years of warranty for all models and components.

2. What size of cars is the machine able to wash and how much space does it require?

Standard models

Place required

Available carwashing size

CBK 008/108

6.8*3.65* 3 meters LWH

5.6*2.6*2 meters LWH

CBK 208

6.8*3.8* 3.1 meters LWH

5.6*2.6*2 meters LWH

CBK 308

7.7*3.8* 3.3 meters LWH

5.6*2.6*2 meters LWH


9.6*4.2*3.65 meters LWH

6.7*2.7*2.1 meters LWH


9.6*4.2*3.65 meters LWH

6.7*2.7*2.1 meters LWH

Mark: The workshop can be designed according to your actual situation. Customized model please consult our sales.

3. What functions does the machine have? 

Standard main Functions:

Chassis cleaning/high pressure washing/magic foam/common foam/water-waxing/air drying/Lava/Triple Foam, It depends on the model variations.

For the detailed functions you can download the brochure of every model in our website.

4.How long does it usually take to wash one car?

Generally, it takes five minutes for a quick wash but for low speed and full wash mode, it takes up to approximately 12 minutes.For customized procedures,it might takes longer than 12 minutes or less.

You can set up different steps of the car wash process in the program according to your needs. The average car wash takes about 7 minutes. 

5.What’s the cost from washing per car and how much electricity does it consume for each car?

The cost will vary for different car wash procedure setting. According to the common procedure the consumption would be 100L for water, 20ml for shampoo and 1 kw for electricity per car, the overall cost can be calculated in your domestic costs.

6.Do you provide installation service?

For installation, There are two main options 

1.We are able to dispatch our engineering team to your local spot for the installation. From your side,The obligation is covering the expense for accomodation,air tickets and working fee. The quote for installation depends on the actual situation.

2.We can provide online installation guidance if you are able to handle the installation yourself. This service is free of charge. Our engineering team will be assisting you throughout the whole process.

7.What if the machine breaks down?

In case of hardware breakdown,there will be spare part kits sent along with the equipment, they contain some fragile parts that might require careful handling.

In case of software breakdown, There is an auto-diagnosis system and we would provide online guidance service for you.

If there is any CBK agents available in your region, they might provide service to you.(Plz, Contact with our sale managers for more details.)

8.What about Lead time?

For standard models ,It is within one month, for long-term collaboration clients ,It will be 7-10 days and for customized equipment it could take up a month or two.

(Plz, Contact with our sale managers for more details.)

9.What’s the difference between each models?

Each models are distinguished in terms of function ,parameters and hardware. You might check the document in the download section above---THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CBK 4 MODELS. 

Here the link from our youtube channel.

108: https://youtu.be/PTrgZn1_dqc

208: https://youtu.be/7_Vn_d2PD4c

308: https://youtu.be/vdByoifjYHI

10.What are your advantages?

The biggest advantage we have is receiving constant acclaim  from our customers recently, Because we put the quality and after service care as priority , hence, we have been receiving accolades froom them.

Apart from that, we have some unique features that other suppilers do not own in the market, they are addressed as the four main core advantages of CBK.

Advantage 1: Our machine is all frequency conversion. For all our 4 exporting models are all equipped with an 18.5KW frequency changer. It saves electricity, at the same time greatly prolong the service life of the pump and fans, and provides more choices for the car wash program Settings. 


Advantage 2: Double barrel: the water and foam flow through different pipes, which can assure the water pressure to 100 bar and no waste of the foam.  The high-pressure water of other brands is no higher than 70 bar, This will seriously affect the effectiveness of the car wash.


Advantage 3: Electric appliances and water appliances are isolated. No electric appliances are exposed outside of the main framework, All the cables and boxes are in the storage room which ensures safety and avoid danger.


Advantage 4: Direct drive: the connection between Motor and Main Pump is directly driven by coupling, not by pulley. No power wasted during the conduction.


11.Do you provide a payment system and can it be connected with our regional payment system?

Yes, we do. We have different payment solutions for different countries and regions.(Plz, Contact with our sale managers for more details.)

Do you interest?