Introducing the Contour Following Series: Next-Level Car Washing Machines for Exceptional Cleaning Performance

Hello! It’s great to hear about the launch of your new Contour Following Series of car washing machines, featuring the DG-107, DG-207, and DG-307 models. These machines sound quite impressive, and I appreciate the key advantages you’ve highlighted.

1.Impressive Cleaning Range: The intellectual horizontal walking system providing a wider effective washing area is a notable feature. It’s important for car wash machines to accommodate various vehicle sizes and shapes.

2.Exceptional Cleaning Performance: A magnificent cleaning effect that leaves cars looking brand new is a significant selling point. Customers value the quality of the cleaning results.

3.Innovative Side-Rotating Wheel Washer: Properly cleaning the wheel parts of vehicles is often a challenge, so this feature is sure to be appreciated by customers who want a thorough clean.

4.Precise Horizontal Contour Following: Customizing the cleaning process based on the specific contours of different vehicles is a great way to provide a more tailored and comprehensive cleaning experience.

5.12MPa High Pressure Water: High-pressure water is essential for removing tough dirt and grime effectively. Having a top-range high-pressure pump is an excellent addition.

To learn more about these machines, I’m sure your customers will find the attached PDF document very helpful. It should provide all the detailed information they need to make an informed decision. If you have any additional details like pricing, availability, or warranty information, you may want to include that as well.

Good luck with the launch of your Contour Following Series, and I hope it proves to be a successful addition to your product lineup! If you have any further information or updates in the future, feel free to share them here.

Post time: Sep-21-2023