Ten core technologies of automatic car washing machine

Ten core technologies of automatic car washing machine

Core Technology 1
CBK automatic washing machine, the entire intelligent unmanned system, 24-hour automatic car wash the system can according to user’s predefined cleaning process, under the unmanned condition, the whole washing process completed by computer intelligent control, to achieve machine generations, is a real sense of automatic non-contact washer, which can realize unattended 24 hours a day.

Core Technology 2
Embedded air drying system uses embedded air drying system, the whole air drying system can be built with the car washing machine operation, embedded air drying system can effectively dry the vehicle body,360° without dead Angle, air drying system according to the principle of aerodynamics design and development can effectively dry the body surface of water droplets. And the built-in air-drying structure is simple, convenient maintenance, greatly reducing the installation restrictions on the site of the car washing machine.

Core Technology 3
Adjustable installation frame the installation frame adopts the whole hot-dip galvanized frame, and can be simply adjusted according to the installation height, more suitable for domestic washing, car installation.

Core Technology 4
Intelligent anti-collision system car wash machine is an intelligent car washing equipment, under the premise of ensuring the vehicle cleaning for all kinds of emergencies are protected.

Core Technology 5
The car washing machine detection system is equipped with ultrasonic sensors, intelligent photoelectric sensors and closed-loop controller, the closed-loop detection system, intelligent and reliable detection of the length of the vehicle, to achieve the car washing machine close to the car cleaning, to ensure the stability of the car washing machine and energy saving.

Core Technology 6
In response to the development direction of energy saving and emission reduction, the car washing machine is equipped with intelligent frequency conversion system, which can reduce energy consumption, reduce noise and prolong the service life of the machine.

Core Technology 7
Sustainable upgrade software architecture technology changes with each passing day, product replacement order speeds up, and the CBK car washing machine to adapt to the continuous progress of science and technology, the use of scalable software control system, so that your machine has been in the forefront of science and technology.

Core Technology 8
The system is equivalent to a powerful chemistry laboratory, equipped with a variety of liquid packages, including ordinary car wash, flood coating wax, scrub free car solution, without manual operation, fully automated proportion adjustment.

Core Technology 9
Fault self-check System When the device is abnormal, the system starts the self-check and alarm program to identify the cause of the fault and record the fault code, so that maintenance personnel can query the fault at any time and rectify the fault in time.

Core Technology 10
Zonation pressure regulating system car wash machine using frequency conversion technology, to achieve users of the chassis washing water pressure, body washing water pressure, body drying air pressure score adjustment, according to the climate, temperature adjustment, to adjust all kinds of pressure, in order to achieve energy saving and cleaning effect.

Post time: May-19-2022