CBK 308 intelligent touchless robot car wash machine

Short Description:

Model No. : CBK308P

CBK308P is a smart car washer.  It Intelligently detects the three-dimensional size of the car, Intelligently detect the three-dimensional size of the vehicle and clean it according to the size of the vehicle.

Product Superiority:

1.Separation of water and foam. 

2.Separation of water and electricity.

3.High Pressure water pump.

4.Adjust the distance between the mechanical arm and the car.

5.Flexible Wash Programming. 

6.Uniform speed, uniform pressure, uniform distance. 

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Supply Ability: 300 Sets/Month
  • Product Detail

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    Touchless Car Wash Equipment:



    Product Features:

    1.Spray the car wash foam at 360 degrees.

    2.Up to 120MPa high-pressure water can easily remove the dirt.

    3.Complete 360° rotating within 60 seconds.

    4.Ultrasonic precise positioning.

    5.Automatic computer control operation.

    6.Unique embedded fast air drying system.

    Main Function Introduction:

    main function Instruction
    Operation mode, four 90° turns The robotic arm walks 360° around the body, and the angle of the four corners is 90°, which is closer to the vehicle and shortens the cleaning distance.
    Flush chassis and hubs system Equipped with the function of cleaning the chassis and wheel hub, the nozzle pressure can reach 80-90 kg.
    Automatic chemical mixing system Automatically match the ratio of car wash foam
    High pressure flushing (standard/strong) The water pressure of the water pump nozzle can reach 100 kg, and the robot arms of all equipment wash the body at a constant speed and pressure
    Two modes (standard/power) can be selected..
    Water wax coating The hydrophobicity of water wax helps to speed up the drying time of the car and can add brightness to the car body.
    Built-in compressed air drying system (all-plastic fan) The built-in all-plastic fan works with four 5.5-kilowatt motors.
    Intelligent 3D detection system Intelligently detect the three-dimensional size of the car, Intelligently detect the three-dimensional size of the vehicle and clean it according to the size of the vehicle.
    Intelligent electronic collision avoidance When the robotic arm touches any faulty object during the rotation, the PLC will immediately stop the equipment operation to protect the equipment from scratching the car body or other objects to avoid loss.
    Parking guidance system Guide the vehicle owner to park the vehicle at a designated location, instead of the traditional manual guidance of the car wash, and guide the vehicle to park through the prompt light to avoid danger.
    Security alarm system When the equipment fails, the lights and sounds will prompt the user at the same time, and the equipment will stop running.
    Remote control Through the Internet technology, the remote control of the car washing machine is truly realized, including remote start, close, reset, diagnosis, upgrade, operation, remote liquid level monitoring and other operations.
    Standby mode When the device is not used for a long time, the device will automatically enter the standby state, the host control system will selectively shut down some components with higher energy consumption, and wait for the device to re-enter the working state, the host control system will automatically complete the wake-up and standby service. It can reduce the energy consumption of the equipment in idle state by 85%.
    Fault self-check When the equipment fails, the efficient PLC control system will preliminarily determine the location and possibility of the failure through the detection of various sensors and parts, which is convenient for simple and quick maintenance.
    leakage protection It is used to protect the staff who may be shocked in the event of a leakage fault. It also has overload and short-circuit protection functions. It can be used to protect the overload and short-circuit of the circuit and the motor. It can also be used as an infrequent switching of the circuit under normal conditions.
    A free upgrade The program version is free to upgrade for life, so that your car washing machine will never be outdated.
    Strengthen the front and rear washing Using German Pinfl high-pressure industrial-grade water pump, international quality, to ensure 100kg/cm², real waterjet high-pressure washing, sweeping stubborn stains.
    Water and electricity separation water foam separation Lead the strong and weak currents from the crane to the distribution box in the equipment room. Separation of water and electricity is the basic prerequisite to ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of a car washing machine.
     Foam separation The water path is completely separated from the foam liquid path, and the water path is taken separately, which can really increase the waterjet pressure to 90-100 kg. The foam is sprayed by a separate arm, which greatly reduces the waste of car wash liquid.
    Direct drive system Although the new direct drive technology has increased a lot of costs, it has greatly improved the energy saving, safety and stability of the equipment.
    Bubble waterfall(Add this feature for another $550) Large colored foam is sprayed to form a waterfall, achieving high cleaning effect
    Hot dip galvanized frame double anticorrosive The overall hot-dip galvanized frame is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant for up to 30 years, and can be simply adjusted according to the installation height.
    L arm can move left and right, automatic measurement of vehicle width The robotic arm liquefies various car washes into mist or foam, and sprays them evenly at 360 degrees to cover all parts of the car body to give full play to its decontamination effect.
    Clean the rearview mirror The spray head sprays liquid at a 45° angle, easily flushing the rearview mirror and other angular positions.
    Frequency conversion energy saving system Incorporating the most advanced frequency conversion technology, all high-power and high-power motors are driven by frequency conversion to reduce noise, reduce noise, and extend equipment life.
    Oil free (reducer , bearing Equipped with NSK bearings originating in Japan as standard, which is oil-free and fully sealed, and is maintenance-free for life.

    Introduction of Product Operation Steps:

    Step 1  Chassis wash

    Adopt Germany Pinfu advanced industrial water pump, international quality, real water knife high pressure washing


    Step 2  360 spray shampoo

    CBK308P intelligent touchless robot car wash machine can automatically mix the car wash liquid according to the customer’s requirement,and spray the shampoo sequentially


    Step 3  High pressure washing

    17 high quality stainless steel 25 degree sector spray, water saving and powerful cleaning is not contradictory


    Step 4  Magic bubble

    Rich bubble is evenly sprayed in every place of the body, for better visual effect, so that the car wash effect is better and the car paint maintenance


    Step 5 Wax rain

    Water wax can form a layer of high molecular polymer on the surface of the car paint. If there is a layer of protective cover for the car paint, it can effectively prevent acid rain and pollution


    Step 6 Air dry

    The built-in all plastic fan works with four 5. 5KW. Enlarged vortex shell design, air pressure is greater, air drying effect is better



    Product Features:


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    National Patents:

    Anti-shake, easy to install, non-contact new car washing machine

    Soft protection car arm for solving scratched car

    Automatic car washing machine

    Winter antifreeze system of car washing machine

    Anti-overflow and anti-collision automatic car washing arm

    Anti-scratch and anti-collision system during operation of car washing machine



    1. What's the layout dimensions required for CBKWash installation ? ( Length×width×height )


    CBK208: 6800mm*3800mm*3100mm


    2. What is your biggest car wash size?

    Our biggest car wash size is:5600mm*2600mm*2000mm

    3. How long does your car washing machine take to clean a car?

    Depending on the steps set in the car wash process, it takes 3-5 minutes to wash a car




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